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about me

I am not part of those lucky people who always knew what they wanted to be. When I was younger I thought that my future is in an international bank, managing mergers and acquisitons of multibillion companies. Only during my master degree thesis I discovered that I could never feel happy in a place where everyone dresses in the same way and where staring at  numbers all day long was de rigueur.

Then I decided that I wanted to work in the fashion industry and spent a few years in some of the top luxury companies in Milan. It was a great experience but still I felt that I was missing out something. 

The decision to go to Thailand with a one way ticket in search of enlightement was one of the best I I have ever taken. This is where my passion for photography kicked off. When I returned to Milan six months later I started covering the street style for Elle during fashion weeks and occasionaly taking pitures of my friends. I was slowly becoming irreversibly hooked.  One thing leads to another and now, when someone asks me What do you do, I can  say that I do what I love.  

What else?
  • I love to travel, preferably to warm places

  • there is nothing I wouldn't do for a good shot. You want to get a sunrise picture at 6 am? Count me in.

  • every rule has an exception so if you want a photo while hanging with one hand from the top of Burj Khalifa it's better to consider someone else ;)

  • my favorite source of light is the sun

  • I speak English, Italian, Bulgarian, Spanish and Greek

  • My phots have been seen in Vogue, Elle, Cosmopolitan, New York Post, Indipendent,  Emirates Woman, Concierge, Smile Mag.

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